May 23 2018


How to increase Erotic massage pleasure


The "Tantric High"

Very often during sexual encounter men muscles around pelvic area become very tense and the orgasm is very short and quickly outlived, but many men agree after trying to withhold while they are erotically stimulated in different erogenous parts of the body,  how wonderful it feels to experience the ecstasy of each such release, which lasted longer and was more powerful explosive orgasm. Thousands years ago in India Kama Sutra was already assembled in booklets of different sex positions to explore sexual pleasure,  it shows that people have been seeking higher peaks of pleasure for already long time. Then tantra massage technique emerged from India not so long ago that is becoming more and more popular in Western world as well. It combines sensual erotic massage as well body to body massage and Tantric seductive touches with the powerful ultimate happy ending. 

There are few techniques that have prove to work:

First you should start with just breath, yes in Tantric techniques you learn to use deep breathing even sex therapists recommend today using breathing, it relaxes your body and mind, bringing oxygen to all your body parts, allowing you to prolong every joy of feeling gentle caresses during sensual massage from beautiful naked masseuse and be able to feel it more vividly.

The second technique is to hold back. It can feel difficult at the beginning not to culminate when you start to feel intense arousal but the longer you refrain from simply letting go, the higher the eventual explosion of pleasure it will be. You can give hint to erotic sexy massage girl to pause that she can explore with her pleasurable touches erogenous zones on your different body parts or she can with her big breasts slide all over you in  body to body style providing erotic massage to extend your ecstasy sensation and giving you time to withhold. When you are deeply relaxed after full body massage and remain sexually aroused for an extended period of time, you begin to experience a sense of true euphoria. It can be felt as

"tantric high," because it's very similar to the "runners high" that has a same underlying cause - increase of endorphins when you experiencing sexual arousal together with increased gratifying happiness hormone. Most men start to feel this wonderful euphoric sensation after around 20-30 minutes, and it grows still stronger when it is prolonged. By the end of a two hours tantric ritual, it can become extremely intense.

The benefits of withholding :

• The orgasm is much stronger and last longer

• It increases the stamina

• Prolongs the sex encounter, that is great pleasure by itself

Try to follow tantric masseuse attention to other different sensitive parts of your body when she spreads the sensations of sexual arousal beyond the genital area to the rest of the trunk and all over your body senses. Given enough time of playing on different erogenous zones, focus on her alluring teasing, sometimes gentle caresses, other times feel the joy of body 2 body massage with her large firm breasts, let her bring to such a high peak of sexual pleasure that orgasm when finally occurs seems to come from the whole body at once, making it much more powerful than any ordinary short orgasm, you should feel the ecstasy waves radiating through your whole body when culminating.


Did you know that orgasms during a satisfying and joyful sexual encounter make you look more attractive. Yes it is true, the more sex you have, the better you will look. Research has shown that the release of euphoric happiness hormones in the body during an orgasm makes the skin glow and even make your hair look shiny, your eyes radiate this lively happy spark as well. Orgasms are great for your psychological health as well because it is a natural stress releaf. Having sex encounter more frequently will reduce anxiety and it also works great to boost your self-esteem and feel good in general.

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