Jan 02 2020

Erogenous zones man aswel woman

The word erogenous comes from the Greek eros, which means love, and the English genous, meaning producing. An erogenous zone is an area of the human body that has heightened sensitivity, which, when stimulated, may create a sexual response such as relaxation, thoughts of sexual fantasies, sexual arousal and orgasm. The human body is a fascinating. It’s a huge source of immense sexual pleasure and satisfaction, a massive bundle of nerves waiting to be stimulated to send us over the edge of deep-rooted, electrifying desire.


Many people want to know what turn his partner on, because it leads to happy and mutual satisfying intimacy. Our sex experiences prepare us for our lifetime journey of discovering what turns us on and what doesn’t, what we’re willing to try and what we’d never try again.


While we explore our sexuality, we learn about the most obvious places through which we can achieve pleasure — namely, our genitals these are the sexual areas of our bodies and are more erogenous than others due largely on the amount of nerve endings located in that area. The genitals undergo a process which causes increased blood flow to these areas, making them highly sensitive when aroused and touched.


What about the places that have remained hidden, that we only notice when someone actually starts touching us there, stimulating a previously uncovered zone that’s bursting with new, erotic energy?

Here are 11 of those mysterious, sexually enchanting erogenous zones that satisfy both men and women.


1. Lips:

I don't think anyone would be surprised with this one. But the thing about kissing, is that you should never take it for granted, but enjoy each moment of it. It's the carried passion that turns partner on and gets him in the mood for a wild night.

2. Neck:

The neck is full of sensitivity that you can take advantage of. Give some love to the nape and back of the neck. To activate this area, men should massage a woman’s shoulders and seductively make a trail of soft kisses from the hairline to the base of the neck. Woman can try rubbing a man’s neck while simultaneously nibbling on his earlobe. This combination that really makes men excited. Some men love it when you gently run your fingers beneath their hairline.

3. Ears:

Shower him with sensual words and use his earlobes to arouse him. The best is to give kisses with lips and use thong to get a satisfying outcome.

4. Feet (soles for men, toes for a women):

For a man, the soles of the feet are a pleasure point. Massaging feet can be the igniting spark for a hot night, it will really get his imagination going on the right track. For a woman, her toes are the sweet spot. If you take a woman’s toes into your mouth or softly pinch the sides of her big toe and roll it between your fingers, it’ll activate great pleasure, which could induce orgasm.

5. Nipples:

For lots of women, the nipples are a key stimulation spot, Though not all guys may be as responsive, but his nipples could drive him crazy almost as much as it does with women.

6. Inner thighs:

The closeness of this area to his man parts, makes it incredibly sensitive to the touch. A simple stroke will take him a step closer to the edge.

7. Lower abdomen (belt area):

Also a great erotic spot for your darling would be the area beneath his belly button. It's packed with sensitive nerve spots and can make him shiver with pleasure when caressed.

8. Crease between upper thigh and butt:

When lying on the stomach the fine line connecting the upper thigh with the buttocks is one of the places that will highly excite your men. It's sensitive to any kind of touch and great are during foreplay.

9. Sacrum:

That is the small triangle at the end of his spinal cord, right above the butt. Try to fondle it or run your fingertips/nails over it. It'll catch him off guard and he'll appreciate the spontaneity.

10. Scalp:

The scalp is a wonderful place for stimulating men and women. A scalp massage releases the stress hormone oxytocin, which calms us while simultaneously increasing arousal.

11. Mind: 

Yes the mind is one of the greatest pleasure points out there. It is good you connect with your partner on a deeper, more intellectual level because if you can stimulate with your mind, stimulating with your hands will be that much better.


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