Mar 31 2014

A tantra Paris massage is unlike anything you have ever felt

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Businesstraveler: 2014-05-01 10:30:23
Actually, more and more I find that it really matters to me that the women I go with are 'nice'. Or that they like me. Not just because you get much better sex, all round, and I feel that it's a relaxed and nice experience. But also, when you cum, I just HATE that feeling where you then have to get up and head out, as if you've just eaten a McDonald's or something. Actually, my own last few times after I met Emilia have been really nice. Lots of nice chat before, no rush, great relaxing massage after long flight took all my tension away, lots body to body boobs massage and when I went inside we had many different positions, cumming and then no hurry and lots of chat while she putted her beautiful lingerie on, made herself look nice and I recovered. I was so relaxed went to sleep like a baby (lol)