Mar 31 2014

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Philippe: 2015-04-04 22:00:57
When Emilia came to visit me I asked if we could first take shower together because for me it is quiet sensual experience to rub each other’s body with soap while feeling warm water. We went to the shower and I started first to apply soap on her body and when I glided down with my hand between her legs I saw she got very excited. Then she turned her back to me and I rubbed my body against hers touching her big breasts. After some body to body play and gliding against her pussy with my cock, she turned to me smiling and started going down kissing my body and then took my cock in her mouth looking at me with her sexy eyes. This was amazing to feel her mouth she could take it very deep, while playing with my balls. She was doing it slow, teasing my cock top with her thong and again sucking it. Finally I could not hold it any longer and finished with generous cim. Then we went off to bed and I got nice relaxing full body backrub. Emilia is very exciting and sexy lady, highly recommended.
Brian: 2015-11-22 18:32:57
Before my trip to Paris I have looked on iternet searching for nice lady to spend time after long tiring travel and came across Emilia’s ad. It was exactly what I was looking for to take time to relax without all the hustle. To feel her soft hands brushing all the tensions from my back was wonderful…after when she started to massage between my thighs started to get very sensual and then feeling her breasts gliding from my but through my back was even more exciting I could hardly lie still. After I turned face up Emilia started to touch my body kissing nipples and going down to my manhood massaging with her breasts, it was so sensitive I did not want to come too quickly then we switched positions, I went on top of her spreading her legs and massaging her clitoris with my rod of pleasure feeling her pussy so warm and wheat, she started to get pretty excited, breathing deep. After some foreplay we both got turned on and started to have sex, I tried to hold as long as I could till I finished my big load in her sweet pussy. Emilia is very sensual lady takes her time to enjoy do not jump from bed right away… I like when both of us can enjoy it makes much more intimate for me. Glad I found her and it was wonderful experience, will definitely meet her again on my next trip to Paris.